Areas of Expertise 

Areas of Expertise: HR Support Services

Providing ongoing HR leadership operating as a key member of the leadership team to bring proactive and strategic HR insight with a monthly retainer committing to a detailed scope of work.

To ensure all the basics are in place to be compliant and enable solid foundations for future growth.

Identifying all processes in the Employment Lifecycle and designing checklists defining all steps required for best practice. Creating employee handbooks and employment contracts that are right for you and aligned to your brand.

By acting as a sounding board to founders and entrepreneurs to help resolve any potential ER issues before they escalate. Help nurture and develop a culture which promotes a good employee relations strategy and offer support and guidance through any ER issues. Attend meetings as notetakers to ensure the meeting stays on track.

Which motivates all employees and staff. Initially identifying requirements then developing a strategy that is right culturally, compliant and ensures diversity. Supporting the communication of the strategy to ensure maximum benefit.

Working with founders and entrepreneurs to identify what people are required to achieve the growth they are hoping to achieve. Making recruitment more successful by setting up an assessment and selection process. Improving retention through the development of an appropriate induction process and a plan to keep your best people.