Rachael Eyre

Rachael Eyre

Regulation & Compliance Consultant


What do you do for your clients at Ignition Law? 

Like Jon Bray, I help the law firm with its regulatory obligations. Ignition is a well run firm, but the regulatory environment is necessarily complex. Having people who can focus on any regulatory changes or concerns helps the lawyer to concentrate on their clients. 

What gets me out of bed in the morning

Usually, the desire for a nice cup of tea. After that, problem solving. I love finding practical solutions to the risks faced by law firms and their clients. Remember all the concerns and complexity around GDPR when it was being brought in? I enjoy taking that complexity, creating easy structures and training for it so the pain of regulation is taken away but the purpose of it, in that case to protect personal data, is put into effect easily.

An entrepreneur I admire

Brie Read of Snag Tights. She found a gap in the market where people of different shapes and sizes were struggling to get tights that fit. Since 2017, she has created a global brand that not only helps with nicely fitted tights but are sustainable and inclusive of all. Brie talks to her customer base directly and combines innovation with kindness, for example at the start of the pandemic Snag introduced free tights for NHS workers. 

What would you put on your Ignition Law playlist or bookshelf? 

Playlist: Ari Ari by Bloodywood.

Bookshelf: (Non Fiction) Fake Law by The Secret Barrister. (Fiction) The Discworld Series by Terry Pratchett.

Fine Print

My Qualifications

I am a qualified solicitor, but my regulatory work does not include legal advice. I am also a Data Protection Practitioner (https://www.pdptraining.com/gdpr-qualified-candidates-cpd)

A social cause I care about

The biggest issues are equality and climate change